Welcome back students

Hi students!

We are facing a very different and special year, but at least we are sharing our knowledge within the class and not at home.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday! I look forward to hearing your stories  ( but in English  of course)

Enjoy and please ,by the end of the course take something out of this year !!


Anuncio publicitario


You need to use some connectors in your writings, this is a very easy list. You should know and use these connectors. It will be a great idea if you print it and use 5 or 6 in your writings, you can translate then if it is easier for you. You also have some activities I can correct if you want to. I know it will be very helpful for improving your essays.


English channels in YOUTUBE

I know most of you like spending lots of time on youtube, losing your time, so it would be a great idea if you could employ that time learning some words, expressions and things in English.

I will write you here some of them which are really interestins

Enjoy and please tell me if you liked them!!

I really like this channel, it is about two friends living in London, they are very easy to follow and you will learn many interesting things

This channel ( EngVid) is great to practice grammar, though sometimes they teach too complicated things, there are lots of teachers teaching different things. This is my favourite one, I find her very funny , hilarious

This is the Damian’s channel, the one who works in «El hormiguero» , remember I talked about him in the class


No suelo escribir posts en español, pero quiero aprovechar el blog para enseñaros una página web que os puede servir a la hora de organizar vuestro plan de estudio diario.

Es una página muy completa con diferentes actividades para aprender a estudiar. Sería recomendable que la vierais con vuestros padres o tutores porque a veces los » mayores» tenemos un concepto erroneo de como estudiar.

También os recomiendo que si teneis un método de estudio que os funciona no lo cambieis, pero , si en algún momento no os funciona podeis volver a visitar el enlace y modificarlo hasta vuelva a ser efectivo

Solo teneis que «clickar» en el enlace y directamente os dirige a la página

Métodos de estudio



These are the worksheets you are going to follow when reading your books.






These are some ideas you can use, with the most important things you have to consider when making the Biography. You can make a poster, or a complete composition. Try to be original!